Suji Shibori Technique


One Shibori technique I love is the Suji Technique.  Traditionally, this is done by folding or pleading the fabric and binding it with string.  The folds and the string both create the resist.  I have found that any variety of folds can be used to create interesting patterns in the fabric.

This video shows how to pleat the fabric and bind it using the iron and cotton string.


Cotton Fabric
Cotton String
Dye ( I use MX dyes from Pro Chem but you can experiment with other dyes as long as they match the fiber content of your fabric)

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Welcome to Diondega.  I love textiles, sewing, dying, painting, beading you name it, if I can make it I will try.  I will be using this blog to share ideas, inspiration, tutorials, student work, and my own work.

Student work at the Handmade Arcade
Student work at the Handmade Arcade